Regenerative Medicine: Area of the applied medical sciences that supports normal cell multiplication, stopping processes that impair mitosis, favoring the return to healthy cell reproduction and functionality.

Age, heritage, physical, chemical, biologic and emotional toxins, traumas and physical, chemical, emotional and or biological stress are the main cause of deterioration of the cell reproduction quality.

Cell reproduction takes place in living organisms at a speed dependant on the type of cell, being faster in the regeneration of epithelial cells, and slower in the regeneration of nerve cells or connective tissue cells. It is a process that does not stop until shortly after the organism’s death, it is necessary for their survival, growth, multiplication, reparation and maintenance. Stem Cells are a type of cell that have the ability to differentiate themselves into different types of cells, be it blood cells, bone cells, epithelial cells, liver cells, nerve cells, connective tissue cells, etcetera

Chronic diseases are the most frequent of diseases, they account for around 80% of illness-related deaths and doctor appointment requests. Chronic diseases are the result of cell malfunction which affects their reproduction processes, and thus the cells becoming more abnormal or with greater quantity of function disorders with each passing generation.

Anti-Aging: A Biochemical, biophysical, lifestyle (nutrition, physical activity, occupational and attitudinal)  and surgical process that leads to reduce the aging speed and to recover from some of the consequences generated by the passage of time, age or life’s experiences.

In a modernization process and giving a “tech-leap” with the latest advances in the medical world, we started offering in Costa Rica the most modern Regenerative Medicine techniques to support cellular regeneration, which enables cells to work better and improve reproduction quality with each passing generation, something very important when dealing with chronic diseases where cells deteriorate and degenerate faster than what time and aging normally would, and to facilitate that esthetic corrections provide the best results not only in the regions where it has been applied but that it implies a biochemical, biophysical, physiological, and emotional transformation of the entire organism so that there is a process of cell function improvement a with all the benefits that that entails.  

Vision: MEDICINA REGENERATIVA Dr. LUIS CARLOS ORDÓÑEZ is a pioneering centre in the application and innovation and developments of Regenerative Medicine protocols focused on the care of chronic diseases, correcting birth defects, sequelae of accidents, and the needs of the community to look better and slow down the natural aging processes.

Mission: MEDICINA REGENERATIVA Dr. LUIS CARLOS ORDÓÑEZ offers the latest technologies to support patients in the healing processes or reduction of chronic disease symptoms, to improve the results of plastic and cosmetic surgery and to slow the aging process.


  • Assessment and management with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF)
    • PEMF are biophysics technology applied to the medical field, we count with over 10 years of experience with this field utilizing FDA and EU approved equipments, which allow us to assess nutritional needs such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential for the adequate functioning of the cell and the organism in general.
    • Assesses which functions, organs and systems currently require support.
    • Assesses which foods the patient should not consume because, in their specific case, are foods that are causing cells to malfunction or are speeding up the aging process.
    • Assesses and presents alternatives to tackle emotional stress factors or situations that make life less than ideal for the patient, providing us with tools  to manage stress and traumatic experiences and memories in a more adequate manner .
    • Supports improvements in the microbiota.
    • Facilitates natural detoxification processes, assessing the possibilities of system and organ toxicity and potential environmental or occupational pollution, improving cell function and thus improving  cellular and physiological detoxification processes.
    • It helps us to correct inadequate cell function caused either by epigenetics or hereditary factors.
    • It also helps us fixing or reducing cell malfunction caused by trauma or radiation.
    • It stimulates Stem Cell activation and differentiation  to promote cell regeneration.
  • Vitamin C megadose IV:
    • Vitamin C is a chemical substance produced by nearly all plants and animals, but humans do NOT produce it.
    • Vitamin C is essential for producing immune defenses.
    • It increases production of fibrinogen and elastin to produce collagen, the main component of the walls of all cells and essential to prevent wrinkles and sagging tissues.
    • It promotes calcium usage and absorption, as well as other minerals, for osteoporosis prevention.
    • Enables natural detoxification processes
    • Stimulates Stem Cell production and promotes their differentiation for regeneration and restoration of organs and tissues of all kinds.
    • It is anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, anti-cancer and anti-aging.
  • Neural Therapy:
    • It reduces chronic pain, unlocks cells and tissues with residues from cicatrization disorders  and facilitates the operation of the autonomous nervous system.
    • It is an important component of Neurofocal Odontology.
  • Ortho Molecular Medicine:
    • It allows us to relate the information gathered through the EMPFs with the patient’s metabolic, enzymatic, and hormonal disorders, and their correction favours the immune defenses, hormone and enzyme production and cell performance.
    • “To give the body the right molecules in order to achieve an optimal nutrition” – Linus Paulig, Chemistry Nobel laureate.
  • Microbiota Reinforcement:
    • Microbiota is the most DNA abundant component within our organism. Nearly 70% of the genetic component comes from the microbiologic flora.
    • Microbial DNA is in charge of multiple responsibilities in nutrient absorption, enzyme metabolization, hormone and immunoglobulin production and many other functions.
    • The Microbiota is affected by heavy metals intoxication and other toxic substances, antibiotic treatments and malnutrition.
    • Correcting microbiota disorders improves the entire body’s operation and reduces the speed of cell aging and degeneration.
  • Stem Cell Activation:
    • Stimulates cellular regeneration in the whole body.
    • Supports regeneration of malformations and scars.
    • Reduces wrinkles by regenerating tissues.
    • Prevents and supports the aftermath of strokes, thrombosis, and ulcers that will not heal.
    • Improves blood circulation in patients with diabetes, reducing the needs for amputations and reduces the needs for medications.
    • Facilitates neuron regeneration in cases of thrombosis or stroke and Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s.
    • Supports the treatment of autism and other neurological disorders
    • It reduces pain and facilitates cell regeneration in the vertebrae. Worn knees and hips and other cases of osteoarthritis.
    • It facilitates the remodeling of breasts, buttocks and other body parts.

The applications of the growth factors found in Platelet-Rich Plasma PRP, combined with autologous stem cells derived from adipose tissue, Vitamin C iv’s and PEMF therapies has become one of the latest techniques to stimulate reproduction and differentiation of Stem Cells, thus facilitating the healing process of chronic diseases and plastic surgery interventions and aesthetic and anti-aging in regenerative medicine.


Dr. Luis Carlos Ordóñez Matamoros

 City Mall, Alajuela, Costa Rica, Centro America

 Teléfono (506) 42005210 – 83952505

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