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Very little has been written about Self-Healing; science either dismisses or does not delve into this issue because, possibly, considers self-healing as unscientific, but the evidence is absolutely clear…

The Self-Healing system is the sole responsible of the healing process!

We get better after a cold, a wound closes and heal on it’s own… Things such as sadness or depression, or intoxication, or a headache, etc … almost always last only a few hours or a few days … there are plenty examples where our body does all by itself and we call this process the process of Self-Healing.



It is my intention to stimulate a change in the concept of managing the health of our community through active participation of Physicians and health professionals, who are responsible for defining strategies for providing the best services in pursuit of greater welfare and less suffering of our family and community.

After more than 30 years of having been trained as a surgeon and having played extensively in the field of prevention and medical training habits.

After realizing that most people, patients and many of my colleagues are convinced that without medicine there is no cure …

After having understood that drugs are almost indispensable in managing emergencies and that we can not offer the cure of almost any disease relying on a drug, (Except for antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic and some other anti-es which seem to be the miracle workers, failing to take into account that it was the organism, supported by the drug, which fought and won the battle).  After comprehending that medicines can only act properly in most emergency cases and partly to relieve suffering or palliation in almost all chronic diseases.

After recognizing that in the training of health professionals there is a marked emphasis on the pathophysiology of the disease and how a chemical can act in any of the pathophysiological steps to block or stimulate some process that leads, statistically, the alleviation of suffering or control or harm reduction but hardly towards an actual cure.

After learning that “The University of Costa Rica, in his medical career offers 9 subjects related to the topics of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacology and not a single class focusing on habit formation and development,  or in Nutrition or Exercise or Hygiene or healthy rest and work practices and how a deficiency in these habits is causing disease”.

I remembered that every disease has one or multiple causes and that each cause must be eliminated if I want to solve a health disorder.

I reconfirmed that I must tend to the emergency and that in these cases, medicines can be the difference between life or death and the consequences of an emergency episode can be dramatically reduced thanks to a drug.

I clarified that the pain should be relieved and the disorder must be regulated, but in any case, the cause must be eliminated or at least controlled.

I usually give some examples to my patients to understand what I’m talking about, “I can not cure the pain in your  finger  that was caused by a thorn if I do not withdraw it first”, “A burn will never heal while you continue putting your hand on fire, no matter how many creams or ointments you try”, as Einstein said regarding insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” An incipient diabetes, the onset of hypertension, that joint inflammation …. They will have to continue to be treated and will worsen if the changes required to eliminate the causes and thus empowering your organism to heal are not made

I would like us to, re-cognize the processes available to the organism that allow it to solve their problems in a completely natural way, which is what I call the Self-Healing System, and that the training and performance of the professionals that will take care of our children and our grandchildren to be directed to the care, empowerment and support  of this system whenever needed.

When we suffer from an injury, our coagulation system acts to prevent a serious bleeding, our nervous system generates a reflex response that removes our skin from the causative agent stimulating our musculoskeletal system for withdrawal, simultaneously, the nervous system gathers information from the muscular, skeletal and tissue movements to know what exactly happened, so that the brain can make the right decisions, our immune system will develop what is necessary to prevent infection and to attack germs that may have been introduced during the accident, simultaneously our digestive, metabolic, hormonal, circulatory, respiratory, … systems. will work for achieving and disposing the necessary elements for tissue regeneration. In short, there is a series of events taking place during an unexpected situation to achieve harm reduction and repair or cure it.

A short example, if we witnessed one of those responses, we would find that at the intracellularly, ribosomes have an essential job of generating the necessary proteins for tissue regenerations, here, ribosomes synthesize proteins for axon regeneration in a wound in the eye retina. We also know their importance in lysosomes synthesis by the Golgi apparatus where, following DNA instructions, which transcribes lysosomal proteins and carried by the messenger RNA and translated to the cytosolic ribosomes, that new amino-acid chain is carried to be translocated in the Endoplasmic Reticulum and modified with the mannose 6-phosphate in the Golgi apparatus, where it is added to the proteins as enzymes destined to the cell lysosomes which will digest the cellular debris and cause it’s destruction to later become part of the scar. If the mannose 6-phosphate content is high, the scar will be much less than when there is a deficiency of it, these lysosomes locate themselves at the wound of the cell wall “covering the hole”. Simultaneously, lysosomes are in charge of picking up the bacterias that have breached into the cell, as well as the tissue debris in order to destroy them.

In another small part of the Self Healing process, the Beta growth factors will develop more or less scar depending on cell maturity, embryological cells have a lower proportion of these factors and in the first weeks wounds heal without scarring.

In short, how our Self Healing system works on our benefit is shown to us in the abilities at the cell,tissue, organ and system levels.

It all happens in a similar fashion at all levels in our organism when we suffer from an infection, intoxication, depression, inflammation, a metabolic or hormonal disorder, an abnormal cell reproduction, a burn, a nutrient deficiency … The Self-Healing System is the one with a solution.

We cannot say that when we consume a substance that takes away our appetite it is the same thing as when we eat a nutritious food, both take away our appetite but …… In this article we can see the importance of foods and micronutrients in DNA regeneration, functioning and transcription, essential elements for the amino acid production which will form proteins which is what cells, antibodies, enzymes are made of and are the basis of existence itself. This is why it is so important to re learn and re understand what is the Food Refining System and how essential it is for acquiring all the nutrients that are essential for a healthy life.

If the chance of a grain of sand to become the size of the known universe is of 10 to the 96, the probability of forming a protein without using natural means is of 10 to the 164 and the probability of making a living cell without using natural means is of 10 to the 340,000,000, how can we believe that we are helping a living organism that has some dysfunction or malfunction or disease with unnatural substances or methods????

Human beings, like all other living beings, are made of water and billions of cells that form the tissues, the organs and the systems.

Each cell is made of water, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fats or oils.

For its existence and operation, each cell develops about 7,000 biochemical reactions per second.

The order in which they carry out these biochemical reactions depends on health and cellular function.

A biochemical reaction happening out of sync, before or after it should,  can cause the cell to function improperly. It is like an orchestra, when the drum played prematurely, the symphony no longer sounds so nice, synchrony and beauty was lost … Such is the symphony of life.

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is in charge of coordinating every cellular biochemical reaction, it is the cell’s pacemaker, the orchestra director who, through the emission of  photons or coherent energy quantums, with specific vibrational characteristics stimulate cell receptors causing biochemical reactions.

“Every biochemical reaction is preceded by an electromagnetic signal”.

Each cell receptor responds to a single and specific electromagnetic signal, only one frequency and intensity.

According to Dr. Ross Adey from the Brain Research Center at the University of Southern California and at the Loma Linda University Medical School in California, USA, “Every biochemical reaction is preceded by an electromagnetic signal”.

That photon emission creates order among every one of those cellular biochemical reactions, and achieves the proper and harmonious functioning of the cell. It is like at an orchestra, where the director defines what instrument and when it must be played, in order to achieve synchronicity and that the symphony sounds beautifully.

The marvelous symphony that is life, is one that consists of instruments that play in every single cell, where every gen has it’s own music sheet, and together they form the symphony of tissues, and these parts, playing together, form the organ symphony, and they, along with other organs, form the symphony of the systems, and all of these together, comprise the symphony of the living organisms, all of these symphonies together form the human symphony. In music, as it is also true for life, greater number of melodies and harmonies a piece is made up of, the more complex it is, and of synchrony, harmony and coherence, depends it’s subsistence and evolution.

DNA also has to be synced and requires an orchestra director, so that the preciseness of the bio photons is determined by a pacemaker.

DNA has a primary pacemaker, which are the vibrational characteristics of the universe, the galaxies, the sun, the moon, the ocean, the earth, the jungles, the rivers, tectonic plates, the diverse concentrations of minerals all over the planet, which act on the most primitive levels of the DNA in the evolutive processes and slow adaptation.

The secondary pacemakers are the vibrational stimuli of the foods we consume, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the people and communities that surround us, the physical activities we perform, the animals around us, the emotional stimuli we receive, the substances, radiation, posture, temperatures, pressures, … to which we are exposed, of our own thoughts, emotions, systems, organs, tissues and cells and of the extra or intra cellular concentrations of different substances and elements, which affect positively or negatively the cellular function and therefore, our own integrity.

A good cellular function results in an harmonic vibrational organization, with the sync required for our life to vibrate as a marvellous symphony that generates the absence of disease,  and is full of physical, mental and social well being and the sought after peace or spiritual happiness.

That is why it is SO important to enable the cybernetic or vibrational process of our integrity and to have the best Self Healing System which are nothing more than those primary and secondary pacemakers that we must procure in their healing and maintenance presentations.

Let us not forget that every now and then it is good to get our most primitive DNA back into the rhythm, that which evolved in the oceans, by diving into the water of the ocean and relaxing while our vibrations get back in the oceanic vibration once again.

It is also important to enable mother earth’s pacemaker’s job, walking on it barefoot or laying down in the grass.

Trees are also very important in the syncing process for DNA, and walking through the woods or hugging a tree, hopefully far from civilization, are good customs that enable DNA to get back in sync with the universe.

When we have been sitting too long behind a desk, behind the wheel, or a machine, a counter, etc, embedded in an asphalt jungle, with metals, toxic substances, radio wave pollution and electromagnetic radiation, affected by stressful activities, exaggerated obligations and mistreatment of various kinds, we need to escape and find what mother nature provides to resynchronize and thus regain our integrity with an empowered Self Healing System.

When cells lose rhythm, we say there is a disturbance in the bio communication (we can say that these disorders are caused by the presence of chemicals, trauma, radiation, emotional situations, deficiency or excess of any nutrient, by the presence of some allergen, of a virus, bacteria, fungus or parasite.) and, besides detoxifying that cell, of allowing it to reduce inflammation and to regenerate post trauma or radiation, the solution to an emotional disorder and the restoration of the immune system or nutrient replenishment and the elimination of the virus, bacteria, fungi or parasite, an orchestra director is required, that the wonderful symphony of life of that cell provide the necessary instructions for it to go back to the corresponding rhythm, and that orchestra director, or pacemaker at the cell level is DNA.

Replenishing a nutrient, eating certain foods that enable proper cell functioning, ridding of an allergen, detoxify a cell, re synchronize basic functioning rhythms that have been marked by the entire existence like it happens when we allow ourselves some time in the ocean, the woods, under the effects of the moon, the sun or the other stars, to rest from some activity we have been developing intensely for long periods of time, to correct the exposition to vibrational characteristics or crosses such as the Hartmann cross, or Curry’s, or Szent Gyorgi’s, those from subterranean fluzes of water or reducing the operation of an organ or a member while a tissue damaged by toxins or trauma or radiation is regenerated… Are essential elements that our Self Healing System requires to solve a health problem.

In the following link we witness how an injury, on its own, heals spontaneously and how we can alter the Self Healing processes with “Medical treatmens”.

In the following video we can watch Enric Corbera who shows us how even diseases with a marked genetic relation can be prevented and managed with our own Self Healing Systems.

When you walk, when you eat, when you sleep, actually, at all hours. Even at the slower time of day, at that moment you are totally relaxed and everything seems to be quiet, inside of you a battle is developing in which natural born killers are destroyed in a war that your health depends upon.

Fortunately, your ranks are filled with well-trained soldiers, many of them born to kill, destroy and unceremoniously annihilate almost any threat that comes your way.

Among this defensive battalion T Lymphocytes are one of the many types of white blood cells that our immune system has, and that protect us from aggressive and dangerous agents. They are one of our most valuable weapons and behave mercilessly attacking any threats.

At the beginning of 2012, thanks to a recording through laser microscopy, we have witnessed a dramatic video in which we can see one of these guardians of our integrity ruthlessly attack and destroy a cancer cell.

The images have been captured by a team of researchers from the Cambridge University, and show a leucocyte T (the green cell in the video) in a battle against a dangerous cell (in blue). To see the process in more detail have accelerated the video about 92 times.

CHRONIC DISEASES CAN BE CURED on high percentages when the CAUSES have been removed and THE SELF HEALING SYSTEMS ARE REINFORCED in early stages of the disease and their treatment becomes more difficult when these diseases have had consequences.

What favors the management of chronic diseases:

Besides eliminating the causes, physical activity, nutritional supplementation, the reduction of other factors that although are not the cause keep the organism busy on other activities, such as when we eat foods that may be causing reactions or consumption or exposition to artificial substances or toxins, to reinforce the function of the digestive, respiratory, nervous, immunologic, skeletomuscular, circulatory, metabolic, hormonal, etc systems… it is convenient to consume supplements like Alpha Lypoic Acid, sodium bicarbonate, Omega 3, 6 and 9, and get support from the multiple tools that properly applied are essential in the Self Healing processes like the Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, Psychotherapy, Yoga, Tai Chi, Quiropraxia and massages, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Neurofocal Dentistry, Neural Therapy, Flower Essences, the essential oils, Reiki, prayer, meditation and many others.

To empower the Self-Healing System and help with the management of stress and the emotional reaction caused by these diseases or other situations and support the entire healing process, at Echo Healing Centers we offer Psychological and Odontologic support, Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Crystal therapy, Holistic Psychotherapy, Hidrotherapy, Tai Chi classes, Therapeutic and relaxing massages, Psychoneuroimmunology workshop and Personal Cooking lessons.

  • Alkaline or Alkalizing diets facilitate PH acid reduction, which is one of the most important free radical generating factors. A special diet and mineral, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes supplements suited to each patient provides the nutrients that are deficient and strengthens the immune, metabolic, hormonal, skeletomuscular, lymphatic, digestive, renal, neurological, dermal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, needed to strengthen or enhance the Self-Healing system and attack more effectively, efficiently and effectively the causes of disease.
  • We offer individualized cooking classes to remove the predisposing factors and to improve the strength of the body and the immune system needed to cope with illnesses.
  • Sodium Bicarbonate reduces intra- and extracellular acidity and facilitates inflammation and pain reduction, promotes nutrition and an improved oxygen availability at the cellular level.
  • Flaxseed oil contains Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9, with significant effects on free radical scavenging, also serving as a digestive facilitator, a joint lubricant and a facilitator of blood circulation and cell oxygenation. Also facilitates the metabolization of fats and carbohydrates reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Oxygen is a cellular regenerator. It regenerates tissues destroyed by radiation therapy, by circulation disorders as in the case of diabetes, by burns, crush fractures, wounds or sores that do not heal … The implementation of mega dose is done using hyperbaric therapy equipment.


Dr. Luis Carlos Ordóñez Matamoros

 City Mall, Alajuela, Costa Rica, Centro America

 Teléfono (506) 42005210 – 83952505

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