1.1.1 Definition of the needs that the project will address Chronic disease comprises the largest portion of appointments, paraclinical tests, medicines and therapies and, hardly have been cured with the strategies used so far.

Chronic disease is the main cause of death.

According to studies from the WHO between 2000-2004 about chronic disease in people over 40 years old in Costa Rica shows us very significative results:,

Diabetes affects over 11% of the population

Hypertension affects over 37%

Diabetes afecta a más del 11%

Hipertensión a más del 37%

Hyperlipidemia, Cholesterol ≧240mg/dl (which, according to the protocol, is the level from which we should start prescribing) affects over 24%

If our life expectancy is over 79 years and, surely greater in coming years, more than a third of our population over 40 will have to consume daily medicines and check-ups and treatments regularly for the rest of their lives, which means that one person would take, on average, for 39 years, or, 14.223 days, at least one kind of medicine, without ever healing.

These facts show us how society needs different actions to achieve different goals. Science has been developing a series of strategies for the proper management of chronic diseases and the evidence shows us how many patients who suffered them for several years, have been cured when changing the treatment methods.

Academia is offering us many resources for chronic disease management, but we have settled for establishing  diagnoses without identifying the underlying causes and, even though the quality of life has been improved and life expectancy has been extended, it has not been enough since there has been no curing and the problem persists.

Not all the existing resources for chronic disease management have been delivered to physicians in their formation, possibly because cause identification has not been given the importance it requires, nor about the application of those scientific treatments that are cause-exclusive and that experience has shown us to deliver very effective and long lasting results. All living beings count within their organism with adaptation and cell regeneration systems that allow it to heal on it’s own, Self Healing, and the mechanisms that we count on on our education should be directed towards the support of these systems, however, their existence is not recognized and much less their importance.

These mechanisms develop at a molecular, genetic, organellar, cellular, tissular, of the organs and system levels and are integrated with the emotional and mental levels on an integral Self Healing System.

Chronic diseases are the consequence of disorders in the Self Healing System and, therefore, eliminating or reducing the causes and regaining or strengthening deficiencies or weaknesses of the Self Healing System, will facilitate the development of the necessary adaptation and regeneration processes to achieve health.  


1.1.2 Current state of knowledge:

Formal training programs for health professionals allow the palliative care of chronic diseases, only applying palliative treatments, recommended for management of diagnoses en masse.

The concept of curing has not been present in most medical efforts for these type of diseases, which is why the diligent and thorough search for the cause, individualizing the patient and seeking the removal of that cause is not the most frequent maneuver.

The topics present in this course are globally recognized and have been applied in health support for communities with optimal results when properly selected and applied.


1.1.3 The relationship of the project with institutional policies:


“You must acquire a solid basic training coupled with knowledge and clinical skills that allow you to perform diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of individuals, families and groups affected by disease, while maintaining a permanent self-criticism”.


To promote the knowledge of tools that will allow health professionals be more efficient in the care of chronic diseases.


3.1 Specific objective 1: Get re acquainted with the  Self Healing System, it’s molecular, biophysical and biochemical basis and it’s comparative importance in the management of chronic diseases.

Goals: Participatory analysis workshop of the existing information about the Self Healing System and its effectiveness in improving the performance of chronic disease management.

3.2 Specific objective 2: Getting acquainted and reacquainted with the different strategies to define and diagnose chronic disease’s individual causes and their effects at all the organism’s functional system levels and, in conjunction, at the Self Healing System level.  

Goals: Research and review of scientific literature.

Group presentation


3.3 Specific Objective 3: To identify and acquire general knowledge of multiple tools to empower or adapt the self-healing system in order to promote the deepening, research and training on some of these issues to manage chronic diseases more efficiently and effectively.

Goals: To gain general knowledge of:

Nutrigenomics. Nutrigenetics and Epigenetics

Microbiome and Microbiota

Micronutrients and Orthomolecular Medicine

Biophysics and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields


Neurofocal Dentistry and Neural Therapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Herbal and Acupuncture

Chronobiology, Rhythms, Rest and Sleep

Physical Exercise

Emotions, Feelings and The Mind



3.4 Specific Objective 4: To learn strategies to form the necessary attitudes to make lifestyle changes essential to improve the possibilities of healing in chronic disease patients.


Workshop to identify habits or vices that favour the appearance or chronification of diseases.

Workshop to identify the tools applicable in patients to achieve the necessary lifestyle changes to reduce severity or cure of chronic diseases.


  1. Project Impact:

Health professionals that receive this training will have greater knowledge and more effective tools to:

Reduction of prevalence and mortality by chronic diseases on their patients

Greater self satisfaction due to the results of the application of their services

Greater ease to prevent the appearance of chronic diseases

Reduced costs of the care of patients with chronic diseases

Greater acceptance from the community on your charge to the health promotion programs

The health system will count with a seed group of professionals with knowledge and tools that will the multiply and the massify the changes in the formation of other health professionals.

  1. Who will benefit from this course?


Patients what will receive care by the participants


Workshop for maximum 20 participants

  1. How do they get benefit? (Obtained benefit)

Tool acquisition to diagnose the primary causes of chronic disease diagnoses through the participation in workshops, scientific literature review, practices, debates, discussion of issues and sharing concerns and clarification of information.

Patients with chronic disease get a support to the treatment that will enable a more positive response reducing or eliminating the needs of palliative medicines and achieving the cure in many cases.


  1. Course duration and those responsible of each topic:

48 Hours

Introduction about the backgrounds of the problem in chronic disease management, definition and re-acquainting of the Self Healing System and course justification and presentation. 6 hours, conference and workshop Dr. Luis Carlos Ordóñez

Nutrigenomics. Nutrigenetics and Epigenetics: 4 hours

Microbiome and Microbiota: 2 hours – Dr. Luis Carlos Ordóñez

Micronutrients and Orthomolecular Medicine: 4 hours – Dr. Luis Carlos Ordóñez

Biophysics and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields: 6 hours – Dr. Luis Carlos Ordóñez

Neurofocal Dentistry and Neural Therapy: 4 horas – Dra. Esmeralda Bonilla and Dr. Luis Carlos Ordóñez

Habit formation: 2 hours – Dr. Luis Carlos Ordóñez

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Herbal and Acupuncture: 6 hours – Dra. Esmeralda Bonilla

Chronobiology, Rhythms, Rest and Sleep: 2 hours

Physical Exercise: 4 hours

Emotions, Feelings and The Mind: 4 hours

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