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“Chronic Disease” is the term we use that refers to all the diseases we can not cure. There are people who manage to heal from a chronic disease while there are others, the majority, that must live with the disease, or diseases, for the rest of their lives.

In the Western world we have a deep-seated concept which is that health is achieved with medications and that the act of healing is impossible without them, therefore we must have a permanent availability of drugs …. This paradigm is based on a misconception. Because the self-healing system is the sole responsible of curing any disease.

Do you know about any medication that actually cures? Antibiotics or anti parasitic, some would say, antiviral or antifungal, others would say; certainly in a patient with a good self healing system, these drugs can have an important healing impact, yet we see every day how antibiotics should be replaced because the bacteria mutates and develops resistance to these substances, and so we see many patients with chronic infections such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, herpes, AIDS, etc …

How do you know that it was the self-healing system the responsible for curing a tuberculosis infection? Because, if there has not been a positive response  to the antibiotics, and a good diet is provided, quite possibly it will heal.

When we go to the doctor, how many patients suffer from chronic illnesses and must attend every two or three months?, For how long have they been taking drugs to treat their illness? how many were cured from the disease?

Could it be that we are doing things right but we have to live sick for the rest of our life?

Could it be that those in charge of our health are doing  what need so we can get better? or maybe to keep us permanently coming back?, Could it be that they feel happy with their “achievements”? or rather frustrated?

Perhaps we need to change the current paradigm with one that reads: The Self-Healing System is what cures, so we must use all the tools and strategies to empower the Self-Healing System to achieve curing?

Diseases must be faced by eliminating or reducing the causes and improving our immune, metabolic, hormonal, nutritional, musculoskeletal, circulatory, neurological, emotional and spiritual system to facilitate our own system of self-healing to resolve this situation

Medicina Regenerativa Dr. Luis Carlos Ordoñez offers in COSTA RICA the technology and advice necessary for restoring and strengthening the Self-Healing systems as an alternative or complement to conventional treatments of chronic diseases and cancer.

The basis on which we decide what we do to empower our self-healing  system are the different types of blockages found during assessments of personal, familial, occupational, food, environmental exposures to toxic elements, noise excess, vibration, radiation, poor posture or repetitive movements, as well as the assessment of past tests,  medical history, and the thorough assessment with Electro Magnetic Pulsed Fields (EMPF) approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

We will also apply orthomolecular medicine, neural therapy, stem cell transplant or whatever the patient may need in order to recover its functionality at the cellular and tissue level and thus be able to enjoy life in a much more appropriate way.

Every patient will have to make, occasionally, drastic changes, and will be provided with a plan to follow at home.

We offer an improvement in the quality of life based on the strengthening and empowerment of the self-healing system, thus achieving improvement in the physical, mental and spiritual condition of the patients who otherwise suffer from chronic illnesses, often refered to as “Incurable” diseases.



Dr. Luis Carlos Ordóñez Matamoros

 City Mall, Alajuela, Costa Rica, Centro America

 Teléfono (506) 42005210 – 83952505

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