Out of all the available treatments, surgery is the most frequent option, and it is very effective in the early stages of cancer, achieving  a high percentage of success.

  • The after-effects for this type of treatment are, in addition to the psychological impact, the scars and damage to surrounding tissues. In order to be more efficient, surgical interventions must be broad and cover not only the visible tumor but adjacent tissues as well, and, in most cases, check and extirpate some lymph nodes where the tumor drainage corresponds to ensure that any invasion is completely eliminated, preventing tumor development.
  • These interventions also serve to have a much clearer idea regarding to chances of survival and tumor recurrence or metastasis.
  • The risks are greater when surgical interventions need to be broadened to other tissues because the anesthesia times are generally longer and many different types of tissues are compromised in order to ensure full cancer removal.
  • In many cases surgery only serves to confirm the spread of cancer and its difficulty to be treated and in other cases one runs the risk of spreading the tumor and thus facilitating metastases.
  • Advances in development of new technologies and equipment for surgery have significantly reduced the aftermath.



It is the most common route to follow when the tumor is not encapsulated or when tissues other than the ones where the tumor originated are compromised. It is recommended before and after surgery or instead of it, and has malignant cell destroying effects, effects on the DNA that hinder cell reproduction and, since cancer cells reproduce faster than healthy cells, these are more affected.

  • Cancer curing occurs in many cases, but the results offered are a percentage of “survival” from 5 to 10 or so years.
  • In any chemotherapy treatment there are high chances of damage to healthy cells with different consequences depending on the drugs used.
  • The better known symptoms are nausea and vomiting, dizziness, hair loss, destruction of the immune system which makes it easy for the development of infections and other consequences that often yield after stopping treatment.
  • They can also cause chronic consequences such as chronic damage to the immune and hormonal system, other cancers, neurological injury with paralysis or chronic pain or harm the operation of some organs.
  • Adjuvant chemotherapy is also called a strategy Hormonotherapy as the one based on substances that reduce estrogen production and / or progesterone or their action at the DNA level thus reducing the number of malignant cells.
  • The latest therapies such as Targeted Therapy which work at a cell level without affecting much the healthy cells, like the therapies with antibodies that behave like our own antibodies from our immune system or Trastuzumab (Herceptin) used for blocking in Her2 positive patients the growth ability or reproduction of cancer cells and that are also being used to reduce micrometastasis potentially present in most cases, thus helping to avoid the recurrence risk and increasing survival. Trastuzumab reduces 36% of relapses and 37% of deaths when applied at the same time as chemotherapy for over a year, but there is a high risk of heart disease.
  • In recent years there have been developments towards more efficient drugs in the treatment of cancer that generate fewer side effects.


Radiotherapy treatments can be either using rays that are emitted by a machine and radiate a mass or tumor or using radiation emitted by radioactive substances placed near or within the tumors.

  • Can be applied pre/post surgery or instead of a surgical intervention.
  • It can be applied before and after chemotherapy or instead of it or it may be the only alternative left to patients to treat pain in cases where there has been no adequate response to other treatments.
  • Radiotherapy burns malignant cells.
  • The results offered are “survival” around  5 or 10 years or less.
  • The high probability of damage to healthy cells with effects of generating other tumors, burns, chronic pain or destruction of the immune system have been reduced with advances in science and greater accuracy in the dose and application of radioactivity.

Vitamin C Megadose Treatments

  • Vitamin C iv treatments consist in applying doses so high that hydrogen peroxide is generated, which is known to attack and destroys malignant cells without affecting the healthy ones. Vitamin C megadoses also reduce the likelihood of metastases by inhibiting the activity of lysyl oxidase and hyaluronidase enzymes.
  • In few, rare cases, there can be a skin sensitivity upon setting the needle, headache, nausea and fatigue for a few hours, and some patients complain of 2 to 5 hours of generalized chills that completely disappear afterwards, and very rarely, when the serum is extravasated, may cause necrosis in the tissues around the application.
  • It should not be applied in patients with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, congestive heart failure, hemochromatosis or psychiatric illness. In some patients with uncontrolled renal failure, supervision should be applied nephrologist or internist.
  • It can be applied before and after surgeries, treatments with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, improving survival and reducing side effects, or in cases where the Oncologist does not find another alternative and refers the patient to palliative medicine.
  • It can also be applied instead of the more traditional treatments when the patient does not want to get them.
  • IV Vitamin C megadoses improve the immune system and the metabolization of sugars, reduce toxins, increase vitality in general, facilitate collagen production and the synthesis of hormone and neurotransmitters, accelerate the cicatrization processes, slow down aging processes and reduce inflammation and pain and produce a sensation of “well being”. “Survival” to many cancers is significantly improved.
  • Read more about Vitamin C Megadose here


The following studies and links allow us to better understand the scientific mechanisms that show how Vitamin C iv megadose destroys cancer cells:

o Langemann H, Torhorst J, Kabiersch A, Krenger W and Honegger CC (1989) Quantitative determination of water and lipid soluble antioxidants in neoplastic and non-neoplastic human breast tissue. Int. J. Cancer43: 1169–1173 • Proceedings of National Academy of Science may; 14, 2007/vol 104/no. 21/8749-8754 o Murata A, Morishige F and Yamaguchi H (1982) Prolongation of survival times of terminal cancer patients by administration of large doses of ascorbate. Int J Vitam Nutr Res Suppl 23: 103–113 o http://community.breastcancer.org/forum/79/topic/738658http://www.nature.com/bjc/journal/v84/n11/abs/6691814a.htmlhttp://intravenousvitaminc.blogspot.com/2008/03/doses-of-intravenous-vitamin-c.htmlhttp://www.riordanclinic.org/research/cancer/recnac.shtmlhttp://doctorvitamin-c.co.kr/JCP(V-C).pdfhttp://www.ops.org.bo/servicios/?DB=B&S11=7751&SE=SNhttp://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v284/n5757/abs/284629a0.htmlhttp://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v04n12.shtmlhttp://www.cmaj.ca/content/174/7/937.full

The following playlist contain several experiences with Vitamin-C megadose:

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic field – Bio Cybernetic Regulation “evidence based”

Electromagnetic Bio-Communication is a field in biophysics that, through technology, enables us finding blockings and disorders at the system, organ, tissue and cellular levels. These technologies also help us identifying vitamin, mineral and amino acid deficiencies. They also  support us in finding foods that may have been causing inadequate reactions that weaken our bodies, as well as in the search for mental, emotional and spiritual disorders and how to manage them.

The PEMF therapies are a very useful tool for managing several disorders, improving the immune, metabolic, hormonal and emotional systems and allowing us to nutritionally adapt the patient, thus improving the Self-Healing system.

At Medicina Regenerativa, all of our equipment has been approved by the Division of Neurology Products (DNP) at the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or they have ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications as medical electric therapeutic equipment and by the EEC in Europe with the 93/42/ECC from Sept 29th, 2011 for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Equipment.

Read more about PEMF-BRT therapies here.


It is a treatment that has been applied, especially in Germany, in the last decade; Equipment that allow the application of temperatures above 54 degrees Celsius in cancer cells are used, causing their destruction without greatly affecting healthy cells that are more resistant to high temperatures . These equipment can locate heat in tumors and there are also equipment that heat the body throughout. Multiple types of cancer respond very well to this therapy.


What benefits cancer management?


  • Alkaline or Alkalizing diets facilitate the reduction of acid PH levels, which is one of the most important factors for the generation of free radicals, such a diet along with supplements of mineral, vitamins, amino acids and suitable enzymes to each patient, provides the lacking nutrients and strengthens the immune, metabolic, hormonal, musculoskeletal, lymphatic, digestive, renal, neurological, dermal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, well needed to attack these malignant cells more efficiently and effectively. At Regenerative Medicine we offer individualized cooking classes to remove predisposing factors of cancer and to improve the strength of the body and the immune system, necessary to confront this evil.


  • Sodium bicarbonate, reducing intra- and extracellular acidity, accelerates the destruction of malignant cells.


  • Flaxseed oil contains Omega 3, 6 and 9, which have important qualities cleansing the body from free radicals, support the digestive process, lubricate joints, and enables blood circulation and oxygenation. They also facilitate the metabolization of fats and carbohydrates, reducing cholesterol and triglycerides.


  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Oxygen regenerates tissues destroyed by radiation therapy, the application of megadoses is done using hyperbaric therapy equipment  after radiotherapy.
  • Vitamin C iv helps throughout the entire process of cancer treatment and is recommended both before and after other treatments. Learn more.
  • To help manage stress and other emotional bearings caused by this disease and other situations, and support the healing process, Medicina Regenerativa offers sessions of Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Tai Chi, crystal therapy, Psychotherapy Holistic, Hydrotherapy in sea, Temascal session, therapeutic and relaxing massage and a psychoneuroimmunology workshop.

VITAMIN C (Read above about Vitamin C IV Megadose)




Dr. Luis Carlos Ordóñez Matamoros

 City Mall, Alajuela, Costa Rica, Centro America

 Teléfono (506) 42005210 – 83952505



  1. juan says:

    Hipertermia con 42 grados centígrados empleada por largos años para las regeneraciones de los tejidos. Lasers, infrarrojos, etc. y radiofrecuencias en calentamientos de la piel, etc. con 42 grados centígrados y para las eliminaciones de las arrugas de las caras, cuellos, etc., crecimientos de cabellos, etc. también empleada por largos años. En la década del 1.990 fue ensayada la termoterapia en enfermos de sida y calentandoles las sangres y mantuvieron sus cuerpos por dos (2) horas con 42 grados centígrados. Cuandos los examinaron al día siguiente comprobaron que las ulceraciones les habían desaparecidos. A las dos semanas recayeron porque el virus no fue destruido y no lo ensayaron con 44 grados centígrados. Espectacular el rejuvenecimiento por temperatura y en cuestión de horas en la anciana china de 105 años luo xiuzhen, al subirle más la fiebre. La piel de su cara, etc. se puso como las de bebés, sus cabellos blancos se pusieron negros, se le quitó la miopía y hasta le salieron dientes, y comenzó a trabajar en las labores del hogar y otros. En imágenes del sitio (etiqueta) rejuvenecimiento por temperatura se puede observar la regeneración de lesión en la frente de una anciana, área 4 cms.x4 cms. con 42 grados centígrados y en diez (10) sesiones seguidas de noventa (90) minutos cada una. Tenía un melanoma la cual destruyeron con radioterapia y quedando la lesión. La temperatura con 42 grados centígrados le regeneró la piel, músculo, hueso, etc. y nervios. Valores de temperaturas 42-44 grados centígrados regenera los tejidos, incluye la piel, y además activa el sistema inmunológico, etc. Temperaturas a partir de los 42 grados centígrados vienen siendo empleadas por largos años para la destrucción del cáncer. Felicitaciones por sus labores. Gracias.

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