Electromagnetic Bio-Communication is a field in biophysics that, through technology, enables us finding blockings and disorders at the system, organ, tissue and cellular levels. This technology also help us identifying vitamin, mineral and amino acid deficiencies. Finding foods that may have been causing inadequate reactions that weaken our bodies as well, and supports us in the search for mental, emotional and spiritual disorders and how to manage them.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF)

The PEMF therapies are a very useful tool for managing several disorders, improving the immune, metabolic, hormonal and emotional systems and allowing us to nutritionally adapt the patient, thus improving the Self-Healing system.

At Medicina Regenerativa, all of our equipment has been approved by the Division of Neurology Products (DNP) at the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or they have ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications as medical electric therapeutic equipment and by the EEC in Europe with the 93/42/ECC from Sept 29th, 2011 for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Equipment.

The following publications allow us better understand the scientific mechanisms that support how PEMF-BRT therapies facilitate the management of cancer and chronic diseases and help improve the patient’s Self-Healing systems.

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Understanding BioCybernetics and Bio-Communication and Bio-Regulation Therapies

Human beings, as all other living organisms, are made of water and trillions of cells that form tissues, organs and systems.

Each cell is made of water, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fats or oils. In order to function, every cell develops nearly 7 thousand biochemical reactions every second. It’s cellular function and health depends on the order these biochemical reactions are carried out.

A biochemical reaction happening before it’s supposed to, results in the cell’s inadequate functioning. Think of it like an orchestra, if a drum played at the wrong timing, the symphony would not sound so nice anymore, the synchrony and beauty have been lost. Such is the way of life’s symphony.

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is in charge of coordinating every cellular biochemical reaction, it is the cell’s pacemaker, the orchestra director who, through the emission of  photons or coherent energy quantums, with specific vibrational characteristics stimulate cell receptors causing biochemical reactions.

Each cell receptor responds to a single and specific electromagnetic signal, only one frequency and intensity.

According to Dr. Ross Adey from the Brain Research Center at the University of Southern California and at the Loma Linda University Medical School in California, USA, “Every biochemical reaction is preceded by an electromagnetic reaction”.

That photon emission creates order among every one of those cellular biochemical reactions, and achieves the proper and harmonious functioning of the cell. It is like at an orchestra, where the director defines what instrument and when it must be played, in order to achieve synchronicity so the symphony sounds beautifully.

The marvelous symphony that is life, is one that consists of instruments that play in every single cell, where every gen has it’s own music sheet, and together they form the symphony of tissues, and these parts, playing together, form the organ symphony, and they, along with other organs, form the symphony of the systems, and all of these together, comprise the symphony of the living organisms, all of these symphonies together form the human symphony. In music, as it is also true for life, greater number of melodies and harmonies a piece is made up of, the more complex it is, and of synchrony, harmony and coherence, depends it’s subsistence and evolution.

DNA also has to be synced and requires an orchestra director, so that the preciseness of the bio photons is determined by a pacemaker.

DNA has a primary pacemaker, which are the vibrational characteristics of the universe, the galaxies, the sun, the moon, the ocean, the earth, the jungles, the rivers, tectonic plates, the diverse concentrations of minerals all over the planet, which act on the most primitive levels of the DNA in the evolutive processes and slow adaptation.

The secondary pacemakers are the vibrational stimuli of the foods we consume, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the people and communities that surround us, the physical activities we perform, the animals around us, the emotional stimuli we receive, the substances, radiation, posture, temperatures, pressures, … to which we are exposed, of our own thoughts, emotions, systems, organs, tissues and cells and of the extra or intra cellular concentrations of different substances and elements, which affect positively or negatively the cellular function and therefore, our own integrity.

A good cellular function results in an harmonic vibrational organization, with the sync required for our life to vibrate as a marvellous symphony that generates the absence of disease,  and is full of physical, mental and social well being and the sought after peace or spiritual happiness.

That is why it is SO important to enable the cybernetic or vibrational process of our integrity.

Let us not forget that every now and then it is good to get our most primitive DNA back into the rhythm, that which evolved in the oceans, by diving into the water of the ocean and relaxing while our vibrations get back in the oceanic vibration once again.

It is also important to enable mother earth’s pacemaker’s job, walking on it barefoot or laying down in the grass.

Trees are also very important in the syncing process for DNA, and walking through the woods or hugging a tree, hopefully far from civilization, are good customs that enable DNA to get back in sync with the universe.

When we have been sitting too long behind a desk, behind the wheel, or a machine, a counter, etc, embedded in an asphalt jungle, with metals, toxic substances, radio wave pollution and electromagnetic radiation, affected by stressful activities, exaggerated obligations and mistreatment of various kinds, we need to escape and find what mother nature provides to resynchronize and thus regain our integrity. Remember that we are all the result of an evolutionary process that dates back to the Big Bang.

Energy-Bio-Regulation Therapies

A summary of Bio-cybernetic history

Bio-Cybernetics is one of the applications of Biophysics in medicine, it was first introduced by the Greeks and the Chinese with the dicovery of magnets over 4000 years ago, and some publications tell us about their application in health before the Christian era. They were used in handling multiple ailments but only 30 years ago (1) its application was ccelerated with the advent of powerful computers and advances in genetics and biophysics.

In 1922, Alexander Gurwitsch (2), a Russian scientist, described the mitogenetic radiation after finding that the body cells of an onion quickened their mitosis when receiving electromagnetic waves of the cells of another onion’s root, which were in the range of frequencies of ultraviolet light, near the visible light frequencies. The experiment was then developed when Gurwitsch found that the body cells of an onion that were close to the root of another onion reproduced faster than the rest of the body cells of the onion, this situation was repeated every time he put them close to the root, so then he placed filters  between two onions, allowing only for electromagnetic waves of different frequency ranges to go through. When he placed a filter that only allowed to pass electromagnetic signals within the range of ultraviolet light that were near visible light, the mitosis of the body cells of the other onion that were near the root began accelerating once again. He called this phenomenon as Mitogenetic Radiation, or mitosis-generating radiation.

It was only until 1975 that these waves were described by Fritz Popp, from the Max Planck Institute in Kaiserslautern, Germany, when he managed to identify and capture images of the electromagnetic waves emitted by the DNA, which he termed ‘Bio-Photons’ (3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 23)

Ross Adey from the Loma Linda Institute in the USA, described in 1979 the calcium ion transport control mechanisms and in 1980 described the frequency and intensity windows in tissue interactions, which he called ‘Biological Windows’ also known nowadays as the ‘Adey window’, which are the receptors of these DNA emitted electromagnetic signals and are only capable of being stimulated by a single frequency, meaning that there is one receptor or biological window for each signal. (5, 5.1, 5.2.)

Biophysicists are still researching and discovering more and more characteristics of the electromagnetic fields that allow us to interact with DNA at the biological windows level.


Therapeutic Bio-Regulation, or Bio-Cybernetics or Bio-Resonance is an invaluable prevention tool that is integrated within the healthy lifestyle, the Bio-Cybernetics technology has been applied in the west for over 30 years 1,  it is a field of Biophysics applied to Medicine, it is the use and manipulation of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields PEMF for correcting Bio-communication disorders.

There are over 7000 biochemical reactions per second in every cell and each one of them is preceded by an electromagnetic signal, which, like any other vibration, has a frequency and an intensity and every signal emitted by the DNA must be coherent and follow a synchronicity with the others. When there are the interferences or blockages to those signals, the Biocommunication is failing and the messages can’t come through, or are delayed, or are defective. Likewise, the signal receptors must be adequate to receive, translate and react accordingly to those signals. Biocommunication disorders cause chaos at the cellular level and at the tissue level in the organism, if these disorders persist over time, they end up causing permanent imbalances that cause biochemical, physiological or psychological disorders, which we call “disease”. Olga Zhalko, Titarenko and Gabor Lednyiczky from the Hippoampus Research Institute in Budapest define bio-Resonance in the first page of their article ‘Biological Resonance’ as a kind of echoing of a complex event where we cannot define every relation within a living organism, neither between it’s own cells and not either within each cell because we are submerged in enormous amounts of interrelations with different levels of hierarchy and with multiple capabilities of stimulation, to be affected by many of these stimuli and also, to react to them.


Causes of Biocommunication blockings/interference:

  • Free Radicals
  • Pollution:
    • Electromagnetic
    • Chemicals – Additives – Pesticides
    • Radiation
    • Noise – Vibration
  • Pressure – Temperature
  • Stress – Emotions
  • Lack of nutrients
  • Microorganisms – Parasites – Other living organisms
  • Genetic defects
  • Allergens
  • Trauma or mechanical stress, scars


It seems that, and it is not yet totally explained although the results are noticeable, that with therapeutic Bioregulation, BRT, many of these interferences are eliminated or reduced, improving the characteristics of those electromagnetic signals in their amplitude or intensity and modulating phase delays, with electromagnetic fields of ultra low intensity. This is achieved with exo-therapy and endo-therapy equipment that, either generate signals to be delivered to the patient, or work with the patient’s own signals by gathering them, harmonized and returned to the patient, achieving thus a stimulation of the Self-Healing systems of the patient.  (12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22.)

Exo-therapy equipments reproduce Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields smaller than a micro tesla with very well defined frequency ranges and band widths that are demonstrated to be able to stimulate the Biological Windows or receptors of those signals that one desires to stimulate but that were not able to get through due to interferences or blockings, be it the DNA or the cell membrane. These signals are proximity borne and manage to stimulate their receptor, getting it to have an adequate response. Simultaneously, other electromagnetic signals also with very well defined characteristics act upon the effectors, which also have receptor qualities (self-control or self-biofeedback), thus enabling the emitter to generate signals that are much more adequate for self-reparation. These signals are similar to the electromagnetic signals of the external pacemakers, (biosphere, moon, sun, universe), which set the tempo to the internal pacemakers, (DNA and cell membranes).

Endo-therapy equipments receive, through antennas placed inside harnesses, all the electromagnetic information that the patient is generating, it then selects, according to the selected program, through filters, those Electromagnetic Fields with frequency ranges, bands within those ranges, and bandwidths we want to work with, and returns them in the form of Pulses, presenting the receptors, like mirrors, other sides of those electromagnetic fields through other harnesses, thus facilitating the synchronization of phase delays and the modulation of the wavelength, achieving coherence between signals and a better interpretation on behalf of the biological windows, generating, as a consequence,  new electromagnetic signals, with more normal characteristics. Those new signals are then reintroduced to the equipment in order to be returned again to the patient after at least 4 minutes and 28 seconds, which is the minimum duration of every program, thus enabling the cells to regain the “proper rhythm” that they need to function properly.

This therapy is very specific and individualized because it is the patient’s own energetic information what is being used and it is so strong that it is recommended to not apply it for more than 20 minutes per week.

There are also mixed equipments that allow us to clarify some diagnosis, by sending frequency ranges through harnesses that, when they encounter a similar frequency, an echo is produced, it resonates, and the characteristics present in this echo from the point of view of intensity and resonance fluidity  allow us to know whether the response is adequate or not. Those frequencies that repeatedly present resonance disorders are telling us about some disorder in their flux or vibrational characteristic, so we must keep those frequencies in mind so that upon sending them back to the patient, showing a different side of that electromagnetic field, it is then recognized and facilitates resolving the problem, thus enabling the natural adaptation process.

An initial assessment can take up to 2 hours and is recommended to not to apply it again before a week has passed, and for no more than half an hour, except when it is required to work with an acute case or when it is performed to provide therapy to a problem of emotional background, for which up to 2 hours are required.

New equipments are continuously being developed with the aim to improve or facilitate therapeutic actions in living beings. The FDA has already approved the L.I.F.E. System in the Neurology department and is currently in the process of approval for several other devices. The Lenyo Cell Com is a Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) device from the Hippocampus Institute in Budapest, Hungary, approved by the European Economic Community and the Hungarian government as a Medical Equipment.


With this technology, the collateral effects are limited to excessive use or hypersensibility, and it can be headache or muscular tiredness.

In order for changes to persist, it is recommended to avoid risk factors such as: vices, sedentarism, consumption of artificial substances, being exposed to toxic substances, inadequate movements, overexertion, situation with too much emotional stress, dangerous levels of radiation, infectious diseases, etc… which could have been the same that created the biocommunication problems in the patient.


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