When you walk, when you eat, when you sleep, actually, at all times. Even in the most relaxed time of the day, that moment when you are totally relaxed and everything seems to be calm and in peace, within your body, a battle is taking place, in which natural born killers destroy each other in a war, and your health depends on it.

Fortunately, your ranks are filled with well-trained soldiers, many of them born to kill, destroy and unceremoniously annihilate almost any threat that comes your way.

Among this defensive battalion T Lymphocytes are one of the many types of white blood cells that our immune system has, and that protect us from aggressive and dangerous agents. They are one of our most valuable weapons and behave mercilessly attacking any threats.

At the beginning of 2012, thanks to a recording through laser microscopy, we have witnessed a dramatic video in which we can see one of these guardians of our integrity ruthlessly attack and destroy a cancer cell.

The images have been captured by a team of researchers from the Cambridge University, and show a leucocyte T (the green cell in the video) in a battle against a dangerous cell (in blue). To see the process in more detail have accelerated the video about 92 times.

Lymphocyte T in action. As you can see, the accuracy and strength of the lymphocyte is amazing. It detects the presence of the cancer cell and gets down to work destroying it without affecting any of the other healthy cells around it.

The effectiveness of our own cells could be the key to the next generation of cancer treatments. Many new therapies in the fight against cancer being researched today are based on getting to know in detail how our own defense cells function, in order to activate them, use them or improve them.

The future of the fight against cancer might be within, using and strengthening the defenses that we have for our own benefit.



Medicina Regenerativa Dr Luis Carlos Ordóñez  offers a program of up to ONE MONTH in COSTA RICA for the destruction of cancer cells without harming healthy cells and the recovery of the self-healing systems as an alternative or complement to conventional treatments. Every patient will leave with a custom made plan to follow at home.

We offer a better quality of life, we are facilitators in the destruction of malignant cells and in improving the physical, mental and spiritual condition of patients with cancer

The following video shows us how multifactorial care is essential in cancer management and any chronic disease.

Vitamin C Megadoses are an alternative that is being applied for over 30 years but only in the past decade has been approved for research and use by various clinics, universities and health institutions in Europe, Australia, America and Asia. It is the application of an iv serum of Vitamin C in such high concentrations that upon exceeding 400mg/dl in the blood, oxygen peroxide which attacks and destroy malignant cells without affecting healthy cells. It was also shown to reduce the chances of metastasis by the inhibition of the activity of Lysyl oxidase enzymes and hyaluronidase. Read more about vitamin C iv.



Dr. Luis Carlos Ordóñez Matamoros

 City Mall, Alajuela, Costa Rica, Centro America

 Teléfono (506) 42005210 – 83952505


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