Fibromyalgia & Bio-Resonance

A descriptive study research with information gathered from 9 patients that have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia syndrome, who from September 2004 till October 2007 consulted and received Bio- Resonance treatment on a private medical institution in San Jose, Costa Rica.


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Positive symptoms, high positive symptoms, low positive symptoms, sensitive painful spots, Bio-Resonance therapy, Exotherapy*, Endotherapy*, individuality, most repeated therapies  


Justification and objectives:


Bio-Resonance’s appearance in medicine and the necessity to relieve the pain of over 2% of the population, who partially reduce its symptoms with medicines in exchange of multiple side effects and no chance to reduce its dosage, induced us to apply this technology to support the medical procedures of this type of patients.




Prospective study of systematically gathered information from the first day of consult, the last day of the specific treatment, some evaluated months / years after finishing treatment.




Voluntarily, 13 people previously diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by rheumatologists showed up during the period of September 2004 and November 2007 in my office located in Mediplaza, Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica.

Out of these 13 patients, 11 were selected whose Fibromyalgia diagnosis was confirmed, 2 of them were rejected and treated in a different way who were previously diagnosed but symptoms were not confirmed during examination and from those 11 selected, two didn’t come back after initial evaluation.


This study counts with the information received from 7 of the patients who received full therapy and 2 patients who received less than two thirds of the therapy.


All of the patients were females.


The age average is 41; the extremes are 20 and 52

Symptoms first appeared in patients between 2 and 24 years before.


All of them were confirmed with Fibromyalgia Syndrome based on medical history, complete physical evaluation and following the methodology of the American Association of Rheumatology both on symptoms and painful spots.


Hypothesis 0:

Patients treated with Bio-Resonance will improve their symptoms and reduce the number of painful spots in a way that pharmaceutical use is reduced in over 50%.


*Endotherapy: when the Device uses the body’s information and modifies it.

*Exotherapy: when the device sends pre determined information into the body



The following forms were designed to gather the information of this study together with the diagram of painful spots defined for this condition.

These forms where applied to all patients at the beginning of the treatment, around  4 weeks, at the end of the treatment and  posterior evaluations to some of them, not all cause some left the country or where impossible to localize.


When the patient replied with doubts or said “medium” to the question “High or Low?” it was always qualified as high.


When the patient replied with doubts to define if he didn’t had the symptom or had it low, it was always qualified as low.



The treatment was defined by the Hippocampus Institute from Budapest, directly with its scientific president Gabor Lednyiczky and, definitely,  and after several changed made during the period of September 2004 and January 2007, was made a protocol of 7 therapies with 26 programs using Mobile CellCom and 30 therapies with 60 Programs using LENYO Lux as well as initial evaluation and emotional therapy with LIFE system, in a period of two months.


Applying Bio-Resonance therapies to those 7 patients who received full therapy:


  • Total number of therapies applied using LIFE system           30
  • Range of therapies applied with LIFE system between          2 & 8
  • Average number of therapies applied with LIFE system        4.29
  • Total number of therapies applied using LENYO Lux           232
  • Range of therapies applied with LENYO Lux  between         22 & 44
  • Average number of therapies applied with LENYO Lux        33.1
  • Total number of therapies applied using Mobille CellCom     87
  • Range of therapies applied with Mobille CellCom between    7 & 27
  • Average number of therapies applied with Mobille CellCom  12.4


Applying Bio-Resonance therapies to those 2 patients who received incomplete therapy:


  • Total number of therapies applied using LIFE system           4
  • Range of therapies applied with LIFE system between          2 & 2
  • Average number of therapies applied with LIFE system        2
  • Total number of therapies applied using LENYO Lux           65
  • Range of therapies applied with LENYO Lux  between         29 & 36
  • Average number of therapies applied with LENYO Lux        32.5
  • Total number of therapies applied using Mobille CellCom     9
  • Range of therapies applied with Mobille CellCom between    3 & 6
  • Average number of therapies applied with Mobille CellCom  4.5

Out of the 26 programs that remained definitive in the protocol, none was applied to all patients as we were defining which ones were more effective and some of the selected programs for the definitive protocol were never applied to the first patients…


The following is a list of the most used programs:

With Mobile CellCom,

327 & 328 to 6 patients, nervous system
308, 310 & 400 to 5 patients, muscles and soft tissue pain, rheumatic kin
312, 463, 465, 290 and 512 to 4 patients, muscle coordination, tissue inflammatory processes, TMJ articulation and vitality / optimism
126, 127 and 124 to 3 patients, harmonization of quadrants and emotional blockings.

With LENYO Lux, the following programs were applied repeatedly:

75, Liver, 145 Electro Smog, 76 Aggression, 106 Pain, 123 Energetic Balance, 84 Nervous System, 124 Nerves, 144 Adrenals

With Life System, it is always an individual approach.

Methodology: (This is the last protocol we applied)

  • General Bio communication evaluation and appliance of Bio feedback to some of the disorders found through LIFE system.
  • Search of inadequate answers by Bio-resonance to Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and deciding about supplementing some of them.
  • Search of inadequate responses to some foods and restriction of some of them
  • It was advised to eliminate the consumption of sugar and artificial foods that contain preservatives, additives, flavors, colorants etc…)  
  • It was advised to take a big spoon of flax seed oil and multi amino free form along with each meal and before bed.
  • 5 of them were prescribed with Albendazol 800 mg in two doses of 400 mg every 15 days.
  • Two months of daily (Monday to Saturday) Bio-Resonance with LENYO LUX 5 days a week and a weekly therapy with Mobile CellCom (some of the patients weren’t able to accomplish the frequency of therapies due to issues with distance, cost or time impediments due to their jobs)
  • All were evaluated and received Bio-feedback on the emotional sphere of some disorders found applying LIFE System’s emotional profile.
  • All were advised to increase water consumption, and always, after every therapy, a minimum of a glass of water was supplied.




  • Group that received full therapy:


Using Bio-Resonance, and comparing the information from the beginning of the treatment with the last evaluation of the group of 7 patients that received full treatment, show the following advances:

  • Reduction of the number of painful spots on an average of 15.1 at the beginning and 7.71 in the last evaluation with ranges between 18 and 11 painful spots at the beginning and 12 and 2 on the last evaluation which represents a reduction of 49% of the painful spots.

  • Reduction of the total of 70 symptoms at the beginning of the treatment to 48 on the last evaluation, a reduction of 38.57% of the total of the symptoms.

  • Reduction of the high positive symptoms from an average of 56 high positive symptoms at the beginning to 15 in the last evaluation, among a range of 11 high positive symptoms at the beginning to 5 in the last evaluation, representing a 73% of reduction of the high positive symptoms.

  • Reduction in the needs of analgesics and anti inflammatory meds in an average of 13.7 pain killers and anti inflammatory meds per patient a week to 0.29 pain killers and anti inflammatory meds per week on the last evaluation, reducing its consumption by 85%.


– Group that received incomplete therapy:

Using Bio-Resonance, and comparing the information from the beginning of the treatment with the last evaluation of the group of 2 patients that received less than two thirds of the treatment, show the following advances:


  • Reduction of the number of painful spots of 25% with great importance in the reduction of the pain intensity.
  • Reduction of the high positive symptoms on a 66%
  • Reduction of the needs of meds on a 30%


Conclusion and discussion:

  • Bio-Resonance is a technique that allow us to reduce the painful and disturbing symptoms of the patients with Fibromyalgia syndrome, and greatly improve the quality of their life, their families and their work environment.


  • At the end of the treatment, or the last evaluation, is a persistence of symptoms such as low concentration (66%) insomnia (75%) muscular pain (25%) mental deterioration (40%) numbness (33%).

Therefore, we consider extending the treatment at least a week more with the right programs to reduce even more these symptoms.


  • Reductions in the involuntary movements, cramps, depression, irritable bladder, fatigue, nervousness, muscular pain and articulation pain are well marked.


  • The dramatic reduction in the meds is a clear proof of the reduction of the symptoms and definitively an improvement in the life quality of the patients.


  • The reduction of the number of high positive points and the number of symptoms must be taken in account for re evaluating if the patient does or doesn’t fit, after treatment, with the recommended parameters by the American Rheumatology Association  and the World Health Organization on their diagnostic as Fibromyalgia, specially on those cases whose reductions where extreme. We could suspect their initial diagnose was somehow wrong or this condition is not incurable as it’s believed?


  • It’s also pertinent waiting a longer prudential time to see what is the long term response of these patients to the bio-resonance and the used protocol.


  • The protocol is still under definition since this is such a new technology and we don’t have enough experience to make of it shorter, more effective and efficient as well as the individuality of each patient complicates things even more.


  • The study didn’t evaluate the social nor economical costs of this disease and its reduction thanks to the treatment with Bio-Resonance, but, we can infer that the reduction in the needs of meds reduce its collateral effects and the costs these imply as the suffering of the patient, economical, personal and social expenses.


  • The number of patients in this study is very little facing the magnitude of the problem, but its 100% of the population of patients that approached with this condition, whose diagnose was confirmed and received full therapy. Surely we need to increase the number of cases to make them statistically more valid, although, the fact that all the patients, even those who didn’t receive full treatment, made an improvement in their symptoms, it’s a magnificent signal that allow us recommend the use of Bio-resonance as a support in the treatment of Fibromyalgia, specially taking in count that its referred as an incurable condition.


  • The persistence or re apparition of symptoms or painful spots in some of the patients after 6 months, cause an immense suffering on the patients, some continue taking occasionally pain killers and anti inflammatory meds, even though it doesn’t fit in the parameters for fibromyalgia after receiving the treatment, lead us to conclude about the need of a reinforcement therapy of one week every 6 months, while the total disappearance of the symptoms on some patients lead us to doubt the previous reasoning.


  • It will be desirable to make a double bind trail:


    • Group following all the treatment
    • Group following only changes of life style, diet and treatment with anti parasites and nutritional supplementation.
    • Group following only Bio Resonance Therapy
    • Control Group


The protocol that results sufficiently effective and economic is:

  • Two daily sessions of nearly 1.5 hours for 8 weeks with LENYO Lux
  • One session of maximum 20 minutes with Mobile CellCom each week for 7 weeks.
  • One initial evaluation of one hour, one emotional therapy of 2 hours and a final evaluation at the end of the treatment with LIFE System.

Special thanks:

Miss Renata Beffa, who since 2003 brought our attention to the Bio-Resonance technology for the first time, and its potential in the support to the prevention and possibility to deal with health problems, and Scientist Gabor Lednyiczky, who was and still is my teacher in the application of this new technology.






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