Stem Cells

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Stem cells are a type of cells that we have from the moment of our conception up until a few hours after our death.

At 8 weeks of age,  we already have adult stem cells that are capable of differentiating into any of the other cells in our bodies, such as nerve cells, or connective tissue cells, liver cells or circulatory vessels, and they can also form eye cells, lymphoid, pancreas, kidneys and immune cells, bone cells and skin cells (…) To form tissues and repair organs.


There are dozens of stem cells In the umbilical cord, which some families keep stored in case there are special situations at some stage in the life of their baby. In the bone marrow there are  thousands of stem cells, and recently, it was discovered that in the adipose tissue, or fat, are millions of stem cells, up to 26 hundred times more stem cells than in the bone marrow. These are mesenchymal stem cells, and they are in a state of inactivity, or asleep, and when we take fat out of a patient and separate these cells from the fat and activate them, we are left with millions of stem cells that are ready to reproduce and differentiate into the type of cells that the body needs. They have the same capabilities of the mesenchymal cells from the umbilical cord, the only difference being that we can now count with millions more of these cells.

Today, in Costa Rica,  we count with the equipment and technology necessary for a specialist in plastic surgery to perform, under sedation administered by a specialist in anesthesia, a small liposuction in body parts where an adequate amount of fat can be obtained. This adipose tissue contains millions of stem cells, and we separate, activate, and deliver these to a specialist, who, guided by ultrasound, applies them in the hip, or a knee or on a shoulder or foot, or by laparoscopic surgery on the pancreas, the liver or an affected organ or an anesthesiologist to do intrathecal administration (in the spinal canal), like when applying anesthesia to facilitate c-section or other surgery, to support the self-healing system itself, in order to recover severe disorders in the neural cord or the brain.

The remaining cells are then applied directly on the patient’s IMG-20150617-WA0006vein to support regeneration processes in the body,  needed to facilitate regeneration in the brain, lymphatic or circulatory system, lungs, joints , skin, muscle etc.

When placed in a wrecked joint in the hip or in the knees or in the spine or in a foot that needs amputating due to an advanced diabetes or in an organ, it ensures greater certainty that the stem cells reach the areas where they are needed the most in order to form and repair eroding tissues as a consequence of differentiation.

Al colocarlas en una articulación destruida en la cadera o en rodillas o en la columna o en un pié que están necesitando amputar por lo avanzado de la diabetes o en un órgano, se asegura que las células madre lleguen con mayor seguridad a donde más las estamos necesitando para que al diferenciarse formen los tejidos que se han venido desgastando.

Finally, aided by our own stem cells we can empower cell regeneration and enable self-healing and, also, can provide support to the various anti aging programs.

PEMF Osteoarthritis

Stem Cell Transplant for Osteoarthrosis

Intraarticular mesenchimal stem cell injections for knee Osteoarthrosis

Renal failure

Harvard University program about stem cell and its application for recovery of the proper functioning of the kidney to reduce the need for dialysis and kidney transplants.

Study published by the American Physiological Society on results of stem cell transplants in patients with serious kidney failure.


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2 Responses to Stem Cells

  1. jo pickett says:

    Dr. Ordonez
    I am interested in your stem cell treatments. I have received one such treatment from my bone marrow on Nov. 1 at the Regenerative Medicine Clinic in Wilmington NC.
    I am seeking additional treatment for my right hip. The original target site was the front of my hip, and I have experienced some relief / healing.
    My entire hip joint hurts now, and walking is difficult. I am also experiencing low back pain.
    I think that an mri will be helpful to assess the damage to my hip joint and low back.
    Your client, Monty Murphrey, referred me to you. I have been to your website and read some of your material.
    I will need to converse with you in English. Is that possible?
    Thank you,
    Sent from my iPhone

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