What is Regenerative Medicine?


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Vitamin C and Antibiotic Combo Can Kill Cancer Cells

Article published at WorldHealth.net

Researchers have shown that a combination of antibiotics and Vitamin C can destroy cancer stem cells before they promote the growth of fatal tumors.

Researchers in the United Kingdom may have found a way to destroy cancer cells with a combination of vitamin C and antibiotics. A University of Salford research team made use of a new experimental approach to knock out these stem cells that spur the expansion of fatal tumors. The research was recently published in the journal Oncotarget.

Research Details

The antibiotic used in the research is Doxycycline. The application of absorbic acid (also known as vitamin C), following the application of Doxycyline, unexpectedly proved quite effective in destroying cancer stem cells in lab conditions. Think of this two-pronged attack as similar to a boxer pummeling his opponent with two successive blows: a right-hand jab complemented by a left-hand uppercut.

The University of Salford research team states their method provides a new explanation for the prevention of cancer cell expansion to the point that they become resistant to treatment. Their work, conducted at Salford’s Biomedical Research Centre, will also help determine how combination therapies can be used best to overcome cancer cell resistance to drugs.

The study was designed by Michael Lisanti, a professor at the University of Salford. He commented that the study has helped his team understand how some cancer cells remain unaffected by chemotherapy and prove resistant to drugs. His team suspected the solution was rooted in the fact that specific cancer cells, referred to as “metabolically flexible”, are capable of switching their fuel source. When the application of the drug treatment decreases the availability of a specific nutrient, these flexible cells are capable of feeding themselves through an alternative energy source. The research team’s use of the new combination approach stops cancer cells from altering their diet and basically starves them. These cells are prevented from using any other types of bio-fuels that might be available.

How Metabolic Inflexibility was Achieved

Metabolic inflexibility was induced by adding Doxycycline in incrementally higher doses across a period of three months. The result left the cancer cells alive yet they were in a depleted state of existence, making them that much more susceptible to a lack of sustenance through a follow-up metabolic “punch” of sorts. The research team hindered tumor cell mitochondria with the restriction of cancer cells to glucose as a source of fuel. The team then removed the glucose and starved the cancer cells until they perished. In this instance, vitamin C functions as a means of inhibiting glycolysis that spurs energy production within mitochondria, which is considered the cell’s nucleus.

The Future of Cancer Combat?

The research showed that vitamin C is upwards of 10 times more effective at halting cancer cell growth than other pharmaceutical treatments like 2-DG. The research team reports that the combination of vitamin C with an antibiotic proves about 100 times more effective at combating cancer than 2-DG. The beauty of this treatment approach partially lies in the fact that vitamin C and Doxycycline are both non-toxic so there will be minimal, if any, side effects.

The research team also pinpointed eight additional drugs that can be used as a follow-up attack after the application of the antibiotic. These drugs include berberine, a completely natural product, along with an array of low-cost drugs that are non-toxic and FDA-approved. Professor Lisanti believes the results of his team’s work prove quite promising for clinical trials. This one-two combination will also likely be used as an add-on to traditional therapies in order to stop the recurrence of tumors, the progressions of the disease and the onset of secondary malignant growths.

View news source

Vitamin C and Doxycycline: A synthetic lethal combination therapy targeting metabolic flexibility in cancer stem cells (CSCs). DOI: 10.18632/oncotarget.18428


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Medicina Regenerativa In Costa Rica

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Stem Cells

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Stem cells are a type of cells that we have from the moment of our conception up until a few hours after our death.

At 8 weeks of age,  we already have adult stem cells that are capable of differentiating into any of the other cells in our bodies, such as nerve cells, or connective tissue cells, liver cells or circulatory vessels, and they can also form eye cells, lymphoid, pancreas, kidneys and immune cells, bone cells and skin cells (…) To form tissues and repair organs.


There are dozens of stem cells In the umbilical cord, which some families keep stored in case there are special situations at some stage in the life of their baby. In the bone marrow there are  thousands of stem cells, and recently, it was discovered that in the adipose tissue, or fat, are millions of stem cells, up to 26 hundred times more stem cells than in the bone marrow. These are mesenchymal stem cells, and they are in a state of inactivity, or asleep, and when we take fat out of a patient and separate these cells from the fat and activate them, we are left with millions of stem cells that are ready to reproduce and differentiate into the type of cells that the body needs. They have the same capabilities of the mesenchymal cells from the umbilical cord, the only difference being that we can now count with millions more of these cells.

Today, in Costa Rica,  we count with the equipment and technology necessary for a specialist in plastic surgery to perform, under sedation administered by a specialist in anesthesia, a small liposuction in body parts where an adequate amount of fat can be obtained. This adipose tissue contains millions of stem cells, and we separate, activate, and deliver these to a specialist, who, guided by ultrasound, applies them in the hip, or a knee or on a shoulder or foot, or by laparoscopic surgery on the pancreas, the liver or an affected organ or an anesthesiologist to do intrathecal administration (in the spinal canal), like when applying anesthesia to facilitate c-section or other surgery, to support the self-healing system itself, in order to recover severe disorders in the neural cord or the brain.

The remaining cells are then applied directly on the patient’s IMG-20150617-WA0006vein to support regeneration processes in the body,  needed to facilitate regeneration in the brain, lymphatic or circulatory system, lungs, joints , skin, muscle etc.

When placed in a wrecked joint in the hip or in the knees or in the spine or in a foot that needs amputating due to an advanced diabetes or in an organ, it ensures greater certainty that the stem cells reach the areas where they are needed the most in order to form and repair eroding tissues as a consequence of differentiation.

Al colocarlas en una articulación destruida en la cadera o en rodillas o en la columna o en un pié que están necesitando amputar por lo avanzado de la diabetes o en un órgano, se asegura que las células madre lleguen con mayor seguridad a donde más las estamos necesitando para que al diferenciarse formen los tejidos que se han venido desgastando.

Finally, aided by our own stem cells we can empower cell regeneration and enable self-healing and, also, can provide support to the various anti aging programs.

PEMF Osteoarthritis




Stem Cell Transplant for Osteoarthrosis

Intraarticular mesenchimal stem cell injections for knee Osteoarthrosis






Renal failure

Harvard University program about stem cell and its application for recovery of the proper functioning of the kidney to reduce the need for dialysis and kidney transplants.

Study published by the American Physiological Society on results of stem cell transplants in patients with serious kidney failure.


Dr. Luis Carlos Ordóñez Matamoros

 City Mall, Alajuela, Costa Rica, Centro America

 Teléfono (506) 42005210 – 83952505


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Lea este articulo en ESPAÑOL



Regenerative Medicine: Area of the applied medical sciences that supports normal cell multiplication, stopping processes that impair mitosis, favoring the return to healthy cell reproduction and functionality.

Age, heritage, physical, chemical, biologic and emotional toxins, traumas and physical, chemical, emotional and or biological stress are the main cause of deterioration of the cell reproduction quality.

Cell reproduction takes place in living organisms at a speed dependant on the type of cell, being faster in the regeneration of epithelial cells, and slower in the regeneration of nerve cells or connective tissue cells. It is a process that does not stop until shortly after the organism’s death, it is necessary for their survival, growth, multiplication, reparation and maintenance. Stem Cells are a type of cell that have the ability to differentiate themselves into different types of cells, be it blood cells, bone cells, epithelial cells, liver cells, nerve cells, connective tissue cells, etcetera

Chronic diseases are the most frequent of diseases, they account for around 80% of illness-related deaths and doctor appointment requests. Chronic diseases are the result of cell malfunction which affects their reproduction processes, and thus the cells becoming more abnormal or with greater quantity of function disorders with each passing generation.

Anti-Aging: A Biochemical, biophysical, lifestyle (nutrition, physical activity, occupational and attitudinal)  and surgical process that leads to reduce the aging speed and to recover from some of the consequences generated by the passage of time, age or life’s experiences.

In a modernization process and giving a “tech-leap” with the latest advances in the medical world, we started offering in Costa Rica the most modern Regenerative Medicine techniques to support cellular regeneration, which enables cells to work better and improve reproduction quality with each passing generation, something very important when dealing with chronic diseases where cells deteriorate and degenerate faster than what time and aging normally would, and to facilitate that esthetic corrections provide the best results not only in the regions where it has been applied but that it implies a biochemical, biophysical, physiological, and emotional transformation of the entire organism so that there is a process of cell function improvement a with all the benefits that that entails

Vision: MEDICINA REGENERATIVA Dr. LUIS CARLOS ORDÓÑEZ is a pioneering centre in the application and innovation and developments of Regenerative Medicine protocols focused on the care of chronic diseases, correcting birth defects, sequelae of accidents, and the needs of the community to look better and slow down the natural aging processes.

Mission: MEDICINA REGENERATIVA Dr. LUIS CARLOS ORDÓÑEZ offers the latest technologies to support patients in the healing processes or reduction of chronic disease symptoms, to improve the results of plastic and cosmetic surgery and to slow the aging process.



  • Assessment and management with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF)
    • PEMF are biophysics technology applied to the medical field, we count with over 10 years of experience with this field utilizing FDA and EU approved equipments, which allow us to assess nutritional needs such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential for the adequate functioning of the cell and the organism in general.
    • Assesses which functions, organs and systems currently require support.
    • Assesses which foods the patient should not consume because, in their specific case, are foods that are causing cells to malfunction or are speeding up the aging process.
    • Assesses and presents alternatives to tackle emotional stress factors or situations that make life less than ideal for the patient, providing us with tools  to manage stress and traumatic experiences and memories in a more adequate manner .
    • Supports improvements in the microbiota.
    • Facilitates natural detoxification processes, assessing the possibilities of system and organ toxicity and potential environmental or occupational pollution, improving cell function and thus improving  cellular and physiological detoxification processes.
    • It helps us to correct inadequate cell function caused either by epigenetics or hereditary factors.
    • It also helps us fixing or reducing cell malfunction caused by trauma or radiation.
    • It stimulates Stem Cell activation and differentiation  to promote cell regeneration.
  • Vitamin C megadose IV:
    • Vitamin C is a chemical substance produced by nearly all plants and animals, but humans do NOT produce it.
    • Vitamin C is essential for producing immune defenses.
    • It increases production of fibrinogen and elastin to produce collagen, the main component of the walls of all cells and essential to prevent wrinkles and sagging tissues.
    • It promotes calcium usage and absorption, as well as other minerals, for osteoporosis prevention.
    • Enables natural detoxification processes
    • Stimulates Stem Cell production and promotes their differentiation for regeneration and restoration of organs and tissues of all kinds.
    • It is anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, anti-cancer and anti-aging.
  • Neural Therapy:
    • It reduces chronic pain, unlocks cells and tissues with residues from cicatrization disorders  and facilitates the operation of the autonomous nervous system.
    • It is an important component of Neurofocal Odontology.
  • Ortho Molecular Medicine:
    • It allows us to relate the information gathered through the EMPFs with the patient’s metabolic, enzymatic, and hormonal disorders, and their correction favours the immune defenses, hormone and enzyme production and cell performance.
    • “To give the body the right molecules in order to achieve an optimal nutrition” – Linus Paulig, Chemistry Nobel laureate.
  • Microbiota Reinforcement:
    • Microbiota is the most DNA abundant component within our organism. Nearly 70% of the genetic component comes from the microbiologic flora.
    • Microbial DNA is in charge of multiple responsibilities in nutrient absorption, enzyme metabolization, hormone and immunoglobulin production and many other functions.
    • The Microbiota is affected by heavy metals intoxication and other toxic substances, antibiotic treatments and malnutrition.
    • Correcting microbiota disorders improves the entire body’s operation and reduces the speed of cell aging and degeneration.
  • Stem Cell Activation:
    • Stimulates cellular regeneration in the whole body.
    • Supports regeneration of malformations and scars.
    • Reduces wrinkles by regenerating tissues.
    • Prevents and supports the aftermath of strokes, thrombosis, and ulcers that will not heal.
    • Improves blood circulation in patients with diabetes, reducing the needs for amputations and reduces the needs for medications.
    • Facilitates neuron regeneration in cases of thrombosis or stroke and Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s.
    • Supports the treatment of autism and other neurological disorders
    • It reduces pain and facilitates cell regeneration in the vertebrae. Worn knees and hips and other cases of osteoarthritis.
    • It facilitates the remodeling of breasts, buttocks and other body parts.

The applications of the growth factors found in Platelet-Rich Plasma PRP, combined with autologous stem cells derived from adipose tissue, Vitamin C iv’s and PEMF therapies has become one of the latest techniques to stimulate reproduction and differentiation of Stem Cells, thus facilitating the healing process of chronic diseases and plastic surgery interventions and aesthetic and anti-aging in regenerative medicine.



Dr. Luis Carlos Ordóñez Matamoros

 City Mall, Alajuela, Costa Rica, Centro America

 Teléfono (506) 42005210 – 83952505


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Lea este articulo en Español

Very little has been written about self-healing; science either dismisses or does not delve into this issue because, possibly, considers self-healing as unscientific, but the evidence is absolutely clear…

The self-healing system is the only thing that can CURE diseases.

What is Self-Healing?
I refer to Self-healing as the process executed by a living organism to correct a disorder or the imbalance of a physiological, biochemical, biophysical, emotional, mental or spiritual function without the aid of substances that are not generated spontaneously in nature.

Everything in existence is ENERGY. Do you agree? Or, is there anything that isn’t?

The Essential Energy has no pattern. If there is movement to follow a vibrational pattern, then we can differentiate this energy, from the others, by name.

That vibrational organization must be harmonized and synchronized with all the others surrounding it. When it loses synchronicity or consistency we can say that it has vibrational disorders, if these disorders occur in a living being, we assert that it is sick.

Our cells, in their interaction, produce the wonderful symphony of life, which is being constantly stimulated, or affected, by all external factors and environmental vibrations capable of resonating with them.

Proper cell functioning results in harmony at the vibrational level, which signifies the absence of disease and thus physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being.

How is it that many people heal when they get the flu or a cold or infections, although they do NOTHING to treat the disease?

How do people suffering from food poisoning or after breathing gases in an accident or by eating a toxic drug, etc… doing nothing to detoxify, get detoxified?

How does a wound, an abrasion, a burn.. heal in most cases without taking any medication or applying any cream or ointment or plaster etc…?

How does a headache, backache, neck, stomach cramps, etc… disappears in most cases WITHOUT having taken any drugs or applied ANY injection or ….

Do you know any medication that does not require a Self-Healing System to… actually cure an ailment?

Self-Healing is when we recover from illness without the support of medications or other types of treatment, it’s like getting back into the groove or the rhythm at the cellular level. The self-healing system has the ability to cure most physical disorders, and restore mental, emotional, social and spiritual health.

The Self-Healing System may need medicine to cure some disease, such as an antibiotic, which, as we know, reduces the negative bacterial load and the Self-Healing System ends the task. And when the treatment does not work and the patient dies, it is only because there was a failure in the Self-Healing System’s ability to carry out its purpose.

img-20160915-wa0002 img-20160915-wa0001


When we have been too long behind a desk, a steering wheel, a machine, a counter, etcetera.. Or exposed to toxic substances, wave pollution, harmful electromagnetic signals, subjected to stressful activities and ill-treatment of various kinds, it deteriorates our self-healing system and although there may be no symptoms, it is weak and diseases may occur.

When cells lose their rhythm, we call this a disorder in the biocommunication. These disorders result from the presence of toxic or irritant chemicals, trauma, radiation, emotional situations, deficiency or excess of a nutrient, the presence of an allergen, a virus, bacteria, fungi or parasite. In any of these cases, one should try to relieve the symptoms, find the causes and work on them and for this it is essential that the conductor, of that wonderful symphony of life, give the necessary instructions to return to the rhythm that corresponds to them, the conductor or cellular metronome is the DNA.

Replenishing nutrients, eating certain foods that facilitate proper cell functioning, is as important as remembering basic rhythms of performance that have been marked by all existence. This happens when we allow us some time to get into the sea, the woods, when we enjoy sunbathing, or watching the moon and the stars.

Other ways we can help our self-healing system can be: to reduce the working overload of an organ or a member or changing a working technique while a tissue damaged either by some disorder or inappropriate or repetitive movements, contact with toxins, trauma or radiation. To rest and put in perspective and appreciate from different angles the handling of an emotional or social problem. To equip the body of the nutrients that are in deficit. To avoid substances or elements that may cause allergy or irritating or toxic reactions.

ECHO HEALING CENTER is part of the initiative of MEDICINA REGENERATIVA, located in the City Mall, Alajuela, San Jose, Costa Rica. We offer an assessment of your self-healing system and give you directions and therapies that you require in order to have a system that is more efficient and prepared to tackle any issue.


This integral assessment requires more than 1 hour and more than one appointment where we will be preparing a complete medical history that includes personal and family records, significant emotional or spiritual situations, evaluation of various systems and habits such as dietary, hygiene, leisure, labor and management of free time, assessing laboratory tests, x-rays and any tests you bring, and doing a thorough physical examination and assessment with a painless, non invasive Bio-Cybernetics equipment (approved by the FDA), with which we do not feel anything, with which we do an assessment in search of possible causes of your symptoms and the most important disorders and deficiencies, bet it any vitamin, mineral, amino acid, or figuring out whether your organism is having an inadequate response to certain foods, or whether you have any hormonal or metabolic disorders. Then we proceed to recommend missing nutrients, therapies and exercises, and advice on what food and medicines to take or avoid.

We will focus primarily on personalized food adaptation, promoting the consumption of certain foods with certain characteristics and recommending the abolition of others, as well as changes in hygiene habits, work habits, adequate resting times, use of personal protection equipment, defensive postures, seeking different alternatives for reaching objectives, the adaptation of workout habits like characteristics or type of exercises and their frequency and intensity, attitudinal adjustment towards past experiences that are generating emotional disorders, proper habits management of free time and leisure, and the recommendation of the consumption of some nutritional supplements of which there may be deficiencies.

Las terapias se definirán de acuerdo a su situación específica.

  • Radical (or not) lifestyle changes, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got
    • Dietary changes
    • Changes in Physical Exercise routines
    • Changes in Mental Exercise
    • Changes in Attitude
    • Changes in practice or way of working
    • Changes in the resting/relaxing  ways and schedules
  • Nutritional supplementation, Replenish vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and probiotics that the body requires to work better
  • Regular therapy sessions with PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic fields) for aiding the body in finding it’s own rhythm at the cellular level. These therapies are performed with gear approved as electromedical equipments by the European Union.
  • Neural therapy for neurological vegetative unblocking and of  branches of the peripheral nervous system
  • Chelation therapy to support detoxification of artificial substances and heavy metals
  • Stem Cell Transplant to support cell regeneration and anti-aging


Let’s take a look at some actual cases:

In 2003 a 13-year-old is brought by his distraught mother, diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and scheduled for hospitalization and electroconvulsive therapy due to multiple suicide attempts. He was assessed by us and we recommended some vitamins, amino acids and minerals, some foods were banned, sports activities recommended and multiple therapies were applied with pulsed electromagnetic fields. He never attempted suicide again. In 2014 he was a university student, a leader both in sports and as a student and an absolute lover of life.

Between 2004 and 2007 we developed a study on the effects of electromagnetic fields in patients with fibromyalgia finding that after 2 months of daily therapy with dietary changes and vitamin, minerals and amino acids supplements, the requirements for analgesics and antiinflammatories were reduced from an average of 13.5 pills per week to only 0.28 analgesic and anti inflammatory pills per week.

In 2007, in the initial assessment of a 73 year old patient who had come from a chronic shoulder pain that did not yield to any previous treatment, we found a persistent and inadequate reaction to wheat. Consequently, his wife withdrew wheat entirely from his diet,  and two weeks after, his behavior had changed, he was now a more loving and accessible man, ceased to be the irritable individual that everyone knew. The negative effect of wheat was verified the day he tried it again because he presented his irritable and intolerant attitude once more, recovering his accessibility and tenderness only after two days of re suppressing the grain, therefore they suspended wheat for life. Along with therapies and the recommended changes, the patient did not require anymore any pain or anti inflammatory medicines for his shoulder pain.

In March 2011, a lady of 78 years of age and weighing 58 kilos, coming out of the beach, felt an excruciating pain on her back. She was diagnosed with metastatic cancer in several vertebrae with a collapse in one of them, and masses in the right breast and the left thyroid. Both the neurosurgeon and the oncologist diagnosed her with terminal cancer and sent her to palliative radiotherapy hoping to reduce the pain which did not relent with the most potent narcotic analgesics. After the first session the pain increased so the lady did not want to follow through with radiotherapy. It was then in April 2011, when the lady weighed 37 kilos and could not move because her pain increased, that we did the initial assessment and with the help of the physiatrist we adapted a corset to avoid the pain caused by movement of the crushed vertebra, we also started with passive physical therapy and drastically altered her diet, we supplemented several vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omegas and applied daily mega doses of intravenous vitamin C along with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy. We started exercises in bed and family and friends showed her a lot of love and support. In August 2011 she weighed 50 kilos and was able to walk, and had already resumed her daily exercise routine at the sea. In October 2012 she continues to improve, swimming, laughing and enjoying life without pain or limitations.

At the beginning of 2015 we separated millions of stem cells out of the fat extracted from a mini liposuction practiced on a 67 year old woman who had such pain that was not able to walk more than 50 meters, or three minutes, due to a worn hip (we call this osteoarthrosis or osteoarthritis classified as grade IV), and we applied these stem cells, activated, directly on the hip, and the surplus we applied as a serum intravenously. Only 17 days later she was walking for one hour, which was not good because we must wait for the stem cells to differentiate into cells of the hip joint and this may take more than six months. The  recommendation is to do a lot of underwater workout only …. but the improvement was so dramatic that this lady did not have the patience to wait … the patient is feeling very well and we hope that in six months we will see the hip showing striking tissue changes in the X-Rays.

Let us find the factors that may be weakening your SELF-HEALING System, empower it, and allow it to help you HEAL quickly and naturally.


 Dr. Luis Carlos Ordóñez Matamoros

 City Mall, Alajuela, Costa Rica, Centro America

 Teléfono (506) 42005210 – 83952505


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